Another chance!!

And, the nomad moves. Yet again! The higher forces are doing a good job with making me keep up my reputation of relocating every three years. The clock had just struck on the completion of my 3rd year in Mumbai and lo! I found myself making plans to be in the USA for 2 years. I had, most vehemently, at all occasions looked down upon moving to a different country, for any purpose other than travelling. But the lure of this opportunity was like quicksand. I was taken in, in no time.

The lure to live in a completely different country, all by myself; the lure to be able to live on another continent and being able to map it completely, the travel freak that I consider myself to be; and yeah, the lure to be in a completely different work environment and surviving it. Brilliantly! Or maybe, it just provided me with an opportunity, to run away from the uneventful drag life had become.

Every once in a while, you get hit by this supposition that you’ve made zilch out of your life. And, that every moment just passes by you, without you ever being able to live it, the way you want it…the way it matters. That’s when, a relocation helps. Its like a make-believe re-birth, which offers you this glorious prospect to alter what you can, to make amends and make every moment matter the way you want.

I am giving myself…. Another Chance!!!

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