Have to accept, it is not a recent write. But, explains my mind state just well… dedicated to all those times you know you are the only one who has captivated yourself… You’re your own slave!!!


That night

She shattered all her confines

The ones that bound her with pride and humility

She stepped out

From the pre fabricated image defined

From the phony illustrations in the mind

From the wisdom from ages behind

She stepped out

A cigarette between her fingers

the smoke making love to the mist outside

Her anatomy revealed to her

By the tequila gulped inside

Her red flimsy tight dress

Rubbed every inch of her body as she swayed

The slutty mascara, the dark red rouge

The blood red lipstick, completed the look

She walked those red high heels

The ones she bought as a rebellion

against something she never could say what

but which now just glared from the shoe stand

in the shoddy little dance bar

She felt every eye roving up on her

She made mad love to the beats of the music

Strained every part and sinew of her physique

For once she wanted to be free

Free like an animal

She felt like one inside

But weren’t we supposed to be an animal alright?

She was her best all these years

With pleated skirts and her hair held down

She followed all protocol of womanly demeanour

A faultless prototype of our times’ order

Then, she awoke from her stupid stupor

To come back to the world around her

She thought about the unattainable dream long and hard

And went on writing a poem and just be a bard

Oh, and the red high heeled sandals still stared back at her

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